Residential Metered Water Softener – Plus Model


Our “Plus” system includes cutting-edge, Ultra Durable 10% crosslinked softener resin.  The stronger 10% resin helps resist resin breakdown by chlorine.

Our efficient, low maintenance water softeners are built to last for 25+ years!

All of our softeners are custom built in our Dayton warehouse of AMERICAN manufactured components and include the following:

  • State of the art, on-demand control with system bypass
    • 7-year warranty on the control valve
  • Fiberglass resin tank
    • Lifetime warranty on all softener resin tanks
  • Brine tank with brine safety valve
    • 5-year warranty on all brine tanks
  • High capacity 10% crosslinked water softening resin
    • 5-year resin warranty

Additionally, all residential softeners installed by one of our highly trained Enting employees come with a 24-month service warranty!


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