Residential Time Clock Water Softener


Our efficient, low maintenance water softeners are built to last for 25+ years!  Time clock models provide a lower cost system while still being constructed on the finest components available today.  Whether you have set regeneration requirements, or low capacity requirements, an Enting Time Clock Softener may be for you.

All of our softeners are custom built in our Dayton warehouse and include the following:

  • Advanced Time Clock Control with system bypass
    • 5-year warranty on the control valve
  • Fiberglass resin tank
    • Lifetime warranty on all softener resin tanks
  • Brine tank with brine safety valve
    • 5-year warranty on all brine tanks
  • High capacity water softening resin

Additionally, all residential softeners installed by one of our highly trained Enting employees come with a 24-month service warranty!


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