We have all been bitten by the “buy cheap” bug.  It seems like the right idea at the time, but in the end it ends up costing us more money and aggravation in the long run.  “Big Box” water softeners are only as good as YOU can fix them. If you get 5 years life out of one, consider yourself fortunate.

If you buy an Enting water softener you won’t be replacing it for many, many years.  The bottom line is that your cost per year of owning an Enting water softener is lower than that of any other brand.

If you have a plumber that you like to do business with then INSIST that they buy a water softener at Enting.  Otherwise it will only be as good as that company or their specific employee can work on it for you.  Often times they do not have that person in their organization, so you are faced with another replacement system in a few short years. Enting can provide the after-sale service for an Enting water softener even if your plumber installs one of our systems.

We at Enting Water Conditioning have been experts in the water treatment industry since 1965. We offer great systems with great warranties at a reasonable price.